G700 Enclosed Laundry Cart

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Cart SeriesG700
Cart TypeEnclosed
DescriptionThe G-700 is state of the art for secure transport and storage. An all-welded exterior superstructure, enclosing a one piece body, and wraparound bumper, fortify and protect this cart. Doors are held secure by a two point locking system, and swing flush with cart ends when open. This cart is completely cartwashable, and can be supplied with fixed or convertible shelves, bin slides or garment bars.

Standard Features

Body StructureAll welded 1 1/4" x 11 ga. extruded square tube exterior frame. The continuous formed 12 ga. body sheet is welded to the frame. Recessed handles of 1"x3/8" obround bar are welded to each end. All structural extrusions have rounded profiles.
Shelf StructureBase plus two fixed shelves of 16 ga. aluminum sheet with mill applies baked enamel finish., mounted on welded aluminum extrusion frames with one lengthways center support. Shelves are sloped 5% to back and bolted to cart structure.
DoorsFormed 12 ga. aluminum, with full length aluminum lock wells enclosing two point locking mechanism. Full length S/S piano hinge. Opened doors secure to cart ends, with magnetic catches, and do not extend past cart back.
FinishCarts are anodized to a film thickness of 8 to 10 microns after completion of fabrication and all welding procedures. (conforms to military spec. 4-8625 type 2 class 1)
CastersCasters are top quality 6", non-marking grey rubber with 450lbs. each rated capacity, two fixed and two swivel, with fixed casters mounted on the left-hand end of the cart.
BumpersNon marking, wrap around natural U.H.M.W. Polyethelene bumpers mounted in GSM aluminum C channel.
OptionsOptions include card holders, laminated decals, wear plates, convertible shelves, caster brakes and directional locks, conveyor pick-ups and your custom requirements.


Closed Top
Card Holders
Wear Plates
Tow Bars
Conveyor/ Forklift Pick-ups
Decals/ Flip cards/ Identifiers
Convertible Shelves
Cart Covers
Removable Stainless Steel Shelves
Stainless Steel Adjustable Shelves
Fixed Stainless Steel Shelves

Standard Sizes

ModelOuter Length (Inches)Outer Width (Inches)Height (Inches)Inner Length (Inches)Inner Width (Inches)
G73637.5"23.5"69" 32.5"20.75"
G74546.5"23.5"69" 42.5"20.75"

Capacities and Weights

ModelCapacity (Cu. Ft.)Capacity (Bushels)Approx. Weight (lbs.)
G7362420 135 lbs.
G7453124 160 lbs.

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