Our open laundry cart series was developed in the late 1960s, and it has a proven reputation for low-maintenance, high-performance and durability. Our most popular open series cart, the G300 convertible laundry cart, is the natural choice for high-volume laundry exchange systems.  Its shelves convert easily and securely to transform the clean delivery shelf cart into and efficient soiled return bin cart.

G.S. Manufacturing is a dynamic company dedicated to the design and production of laundry carts for the institutional, health care, and hospitality laundry industry. At G.S.M. quality and functionality are our primary considerations because we know the carts we supply to you have to work hard, work well, and last a long time.

For the past 30 years our engineers have been responding to the changes in this growing industry. We have developed a line of carts that addresses the problems of huge volume, off site trucking, cart wash, infection control, and the need to "fit" into your existing system.

Our G700 and G700-BF are ideal for efficient transport of sterile supplies or high end textiles. A two-point keyed lock and sealing eyelets keep your payload secure. The G800, with its simple front flap cover is an economical solution for systems requiring full cart coverage. This flap is secured with Velcro strip, and falls completely within the perimeter, protecting it from damage. Both the enclosed and the semi-enclosed carts have all the advantages of an all welded, anodized construction: high performance, easy manoeuvrability and complete cartwashability.